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24-7 Webcasting Fastcast Logo Design

Project Description

24-7 Webcasting is as the name suggests a webinar/webcasting company offering supported self service or fully managed webinars so that you can broadcast your services globally to reach new custom. Professional webcasts simply produced on a pay-as-you-go basis without a contract. They got in touch with Lunatrix Design to redesign their existing logo which was deemed a bit old fashioned and to replace it with a contemporary stylish design more in keeping with latest technological advances in digital media. We come up with the 24 and 7 in a clock style with the wi-fi symbol to join things together. We were also then asked to design a logo for their new flagship Webcasting service FastCast – the simple way to quickly create and schedule broadcast your webinar. If you’ve got this far and are still scratching your head as to what a webcast is then checkout the company website grandad… www.247webcasting.com

Project Brief

24-7 Webcasting

Logo Design