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ADBA Gearing up for a busy year ahead

ADBA newsletter, market report and conference guide

The end of 2015 was a busy time for ADBA the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association as well us at Lunatrix Design who take care of marketing design for the organisation. First up was the regular newsletter design which in this issue focused on the rich diversity of feedstocks available for the industry including seaweed which is a clearly abundant source moving forward. Then we had to concentrate on the ADBA National conference event guide design at the beginning of December which along with a plethora of speakers and sessions made the case for building a world class AD industry. Lastly and most hecticly we had to put together a 40+ page market report design following on from a nervous industry waiting on George Osbournes spending review at the end of November which then had to be analysed, written, designed and printed to be handed out a few days later at the National Conference on 3rd December – phew! Tight deadlines – even we broke into a bit of a sweat meeting that one but we’re happy to say everything was finished and done on time and looking good! Roll on 2016…

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