ADBA – The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association

ADBA are the trade association for anaerobic digestion and bioresources industries, helping to promote and influence government policy concerning this abundant renewable source of energy. Our history with ADBA goes back to early 2010 where we were approached to put together some sample pages for a newsletter the organisation was planning to produce for it’s members – a 16 page A4 format which we designed, printed and handled mailing to members. Click on the first button below for the online full version of the first issue.

Since then we haven’t looked back and have worked behind the scenes for ADBA helping them increase membership and influence exponentially, assisting with the newsletter design which is currently on issue 24 – Click the second button for the latest 44 page bumper issue. We’ve also designed the Official Event guide (third button) for the UK Biomethane & Gas Vehicle Conference, Sponsorship packs (fourth button) for UK AD&Biogas, Upcoming Events Leaflets (fifth button), the ADBA National Conference Event Guide (last button) and not forgetting the 170 page monster that is The Practical Guide to AD – refered to as The AD Bible because of it’s monumental size and scope and is a key piece of research material for developing and operating anaerobic digestion facilities in the UK. Let’s just say they’ve been keeping us pretty busy over the years and each new project the team at ADBA throw at us, we really enjoy getting our teeth into despite some almost impossible deadlines at times! We look forward to their continued future success.