Antibacterial print coating for brochures and menus

anti bacterial print coating

Antibacterial print coating for brochures and menus

Cast your mind back if you can to the early days of the new decade. January 2020 to be precise. Depending on your political outlook, you would of either still been riding high following Boris Johnson’s landslide victory or alternatively, in a state of abject despair thinking about how you can possibly contemplate surviving five more long years of Tory misrule. What very few people were focusing on at the time, were early reports coming in about a novel corona virus taking hold in Wuhan. Things were about to get pretty crazy.

Fast forward 6 months. We are living in very different times. Covid-19 has taken hold and thrown most standard business models out of the window. If companies haven’t already thrown in the towel, they are looking desperately around to see how they can survive in this new environment. Many have had to ramp up learning and embrace technology and we’ve all probably had to get used to connecting via Teams or Zoom calls.

The future has been ushered in at breakneck speed. Some things in the digital realm though are a real struggle to make work. For instance, at the start of the pandemic, many of our clients took the decision to produce digital only versions of newsletters and magazines. This was understandable as everyone was effectively in lockdown. Logistically getting printed brochures and newsletters to customers was problematic. Producing a digital ebook or online magazine does workout cheaper than printing a hard copy version and it can be quickly sent via email or uploaded.

However, research has shown time and again that people still prefer the tactile feel of a company brochure over a digital online version. They appreciate reading a trade newsletter in their own time at their own pace as opposed to straining their eyes online. Not to mention a printed trade magazine left in a busy office reception has on average ten times as many eyes reading it as opposed to a digital version.

What steps can I do to keep my business visible then?

Slowly as we emerge from the hibernation of lockdown and take our first steps into this scary new world, how can businesses begin to refocus? It’s important to keep marketing your brand in these extraordinary times, so it makes sense to continue keeping up a social presence. It’s also vital to make sure your brand is seen and not lost among the competing diversions of the online world. Put simply, a printed brochure in the hand is worth two in the online bush (yeah that sounds a bit filthy but you get the point).

The problem to date though, has been how to get round the fact that people are quite rightly wary about handling and touching marketing material when it could be harbouring a dangerous virus? Well, a solution can be found in new anti bacterial print coating – providing brochures and menus with a safe to touch surface. Fighting Covid-19 on it’s own turf one brochure at a time!

Great, can you give me more information on anti-bacterial print coating for a company brochure?

I’m glad you asked. The coating and additive combination are designed to provide invisible protection to the printed surface for the lifetime of a brochure or menu, meaning it can be handled multiple times. Bacteria will effectively be killed by the protective additive so reducing transmission of microbes between people. The active substance has a micron size of less than ≤ 5µm and contains a glass carrier which releases silver ions in a controlled manner via an ion exchange mechanism to achieve an anti-microbial effect.

The range of anti-microbial emulsions are designed for all printed applications and have been developed and formulated to high end specifications previously used for pharmaceutical and food packaging. Suppliers confirm the Anti-Microbial range of coatings have undergone independent testing and have been found to reduce up to 99% of bacteria/microbes on printed surfaces. The anti-bacterial properties do not reduce or wear out over time and are available in both gloss & matt finish.

Could I use anti-bacterial print coating on a restaurant menu?

Indeed you could. The hospitality sector could definitely make use of the new technology. In fact any printed material that is going to be used in a place where it’s likely to be handled by multiple people should consider coating with anti-bacteria. Doctor’s surgery patient information leaflets and laminates would also benefit from anti-bacterial print coating. Lastly, as the economy starts to tentatively come back to business and meetings begin to be conducted face to face – don’t forget about giving a prospective client an anti-bacterial coated business card. It’s a great talking point and is likely to leave a lasting good impression.

If you’d like us to look at getting you a quote for any marketing material design complete with anti-bacterial print coating please get in touch.

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