Bespoke Graphic Design

Do you also design..?

Lunatrix Design are regular asked whether we can design bespoke products, anything from high street cash dispenser facades to games console packaging. The simple answer is yes, or if we can’t then we can probably point you in the right direction to one of our suppliers or freelancers who can. Sometimes, looking online for a company that’s produced something similar to suit your needs can be a long-winded fruitless task. It may be that what you’re looking for doesn’t actually exist… yet!

At our central Bath based office, we have designers who specialise in the following fields; web design, illustration, photography, packaging design, event design and print so there isn’t much that we can’t take care of in-house. We also have an external team of freelancers such as copywriters, printers, proof readers, 3D visualisers, coders and animators who we can call on for specific projects, which allows us to to take projects through from initial sketched ideas to finished marketable products. No one design project is ever going to be the same and where our strength lies is having the experience to achieve quality results within reasonable cost parameters. We’ve saved customers thousands of pounds by suggesting alternative means of production/stock that other design companies may not have considered. At the end of the day, it doesn’t hurt to ask – if you’ve got something that needs a unique design solution looking into, to see whether it’s feasible – give us a shout…