Branding and Logo Design

Leaving your mark with a company logo design…

A business logo design is perhaps the single most important thing any new, or indeed established, company or organisation needs to get right. In order to stand out and succeed in the current market place. Saving money by doing it yourself or hiring a cut price logo designer online may prove to be a false economy with disastrous knock-on repercussions.

Getting the mood and tone right with a professional logo design can really make a difference with how the public perceive an organisation. If you are setting up a new company and want to have the best possible start, then having a professionally designed logo is not optional but imperative. At Lunatrix we strive to maintain a reputation as Bath’s premier logo design company offering a full range of logo design services.

At Lunatrix Design we really like to get inside the mind of a potential customer for our clients. What would they be looking for and expect from a company logo design, for instance? Certain fonts and colours are suggestive of certain markets and may not be right for particular brands, although perfectly appropriate for others.

Having done some background work on the market expectations and competitors, we would look to come up with a handful of differing logo design approaches and treatments. Developing the ideas in conjunction with the client, so that they can have an input and establish a strong brand identity that fulfills their requirements.

Once a logo has been approved, we supply artwork in a range of formats and sizes suitable for print and online use. If needed, we can also design and print business stationery, including business cards, comp slips and letterheads. Things any new company is going to need and can be used to further enhance a brand into their customers awareness. We have a range of logo design packages – no client is too big or small – contact us today to start the design process with Bath’s premier logo design agency.