Brochure and Booklet design

Every booklet tells a story…

A Stylish Company Brochure is the perfect way to engage with potential customers and give them a visual feel of what your company or oganisation is all about. Whether that be with the tried and tested tactile feel of a matt laminated brochure or, as is more common these days, an online digital e-brochure. There’s something curiously captivating about a well designed brochure that people can’t stop flicking through.

In days gone by, the costs involved in producing printed brochures used to mean they were the preserve of larger companies with some hefty marketing budgets behind them. However, with the improvement of digital print quality, which allows smaller print runs to be highly economic, then there really isn’t any financial reason why anyone can’t get some beautifully crafted brochures or booklets to showcase their services. Give us a call, we’ll be happy to talk through all brochure design packages on offer.

If we had to pick just one design discipline that would identify Lunatrix Design then we would without hesitation say it is in creating stunning brochure designs. We like to think of ourselves as the premier brochure design agency in Bath.

Over the years we’ve produced hundreds of brochures and booklets for companies, organisations and individuals. Every one of them different in approach and style. We’ve never used templates or re-purposed pages, preferring instead to craft a brochure from the ground up. Always taking into account the companies logo/colours/typography and building page elements and devices that give a reader no excuse not to feel engaged with the content.

We have some extremely versatile copywriters, photographers and proof readers on our books not to mention accounts with some of the most proficient trade printers. So can confidently take the brochure design process through from initial rough scribbles to a finished glossy brochure, without any problems.

There’s never been a better time to promote your company with a brochure design but if you’re still put off with the thought of spending a sizable amount of money on printing, then there’s always the option of an e-brochure. The design process for us in creating print ready brochures and digital brochures is the same, so we always offer to create a digital e-brochure for any of our brochure design customers for no added cost! You can see in the button link below an example of a digital e-brochure we’ve produced for one of our customers. They can be used to potentially reach a far greater market online, plus there’s always the option of having some printed copies produced at any time from the original artwork.