Lockdown indoor exercise plan infographic design

Lockdown exercise tips poster design

Lockdown indoor exercise plan infographic design

A visual, easy to follow indoor exercise infographic design, that could in certain circumstances be literally life saving.

It’s a sad fact but globally over 70% of patients admitted to hospital into ICU testing positive with Covid-19 are living with obesity. Along with age, obesity is a big determining factor in whether patients survive or unfortunately succumb to the disease. It came then, as some urgency that EASO The European Association for the Study of Obesity asked us to produce an ‘easy to do at home’ indoor exercise infographic design for their members. Something that could be followed simply during lockdown. Many people living with obesity will likely be in the vulnerable section of society and will likely need to be shielding in isolation.

As well as keeping a healthy mental balance, it’s vitally important to remain active. The exercises we illustrated are relatively simple but could be challenging for the elderly or for those of a high body mass index (BMI). Therefore, the plans are guided, explaining how to begin with perhaps just a 10 minute programme at first. Over the following days exercising longer as things become easier, increasing exercise length and following them multiple times per day. As we were designing the poster for EASO we branded the style in the association colours of blue and green. We also produced a reversed version with white background rather than blue, so that members can print out the exercises without using up all their printer ink! Once the English language poster was produced, we have since created various language versions so that other European countries can send direct to their members.

The design of the characters doing the exercises show a range of young and old and different body sizes. This is so there’s no stigma attached and are designed to reflect that anyone of any ability can do the exercises. If you’d like Lunatrix Design to create a similar infographic design for your organisation or company, please get in touch and we can get active!

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