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Bath Philharmonia concert programme designs

Project Description

The Bath Philharmonia are one of the leading professional orchestras in the South West UK. Lunatrix Design were asked to look at revamping the concert programme booklets, putting some design into the layout which had up until then been pretty much a printed word document in black and white to keep costs down. With the advances in digital printing we were able to design full colour pages throughout and managed to get the print costs lower than what they were paying originally for stapled black and white laser copies – a quality result! Following the first concert programme design ‘an evening of Gothic entertainment’ (see links for full versions) we designed the spring/summer 2016 events guide booklet – an A5 size booklet printed on uncoated stock which was mailed out in the post to the subsciber mailing list of around 3000. Since then we’ve been helping out on a regular basis designing and printing the concert programmes – here’s some links to the latest full programmes – February concert programmemarch concert programmeApril concert programme

Project Brief

Bath Philharmonia

Programme booklet design