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Citta Coaching A5 Leaflet Design

Project Description

Citta Coaching provide fast and effective treatment to help you overcome your mental and emotional blocks, enabling you to let go of the past and create the future you want. They employ an innovative mix of treatments including hypnotherapy, NLP and Time Line Therapy to help get over any blocks or trauma preventing you from moving forward with your life. Among the obstacles they can help overcome are; eliminating anxiety, losing weight, quitting smoking, boosting confidence and learning to speak more confidently in public. Something there for pretty much everyone we think. For the leaflet design we used an eye catching image of a goldfish leaping to freedom from an oppressors hand – free willy style. Let’s just hope it didn’t leap from the relative safety of a cupped hand straight onto the carpet and underneath the sofa among the fluff and dust. More likely it managed a leap of faith out the window into a nearby brook, where it became a successful predator consuming smaller fry and living a long and prosperous life. So, if you have something blocking your path we suggest giving Citta Coaching a call and let them work their magic…


Project Brief

Citta Coaching

A5 Leaflet Design and Print