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FM BioEnergy Brochure Design

Project Description

FM BioEnergy know a thing or two about running healthy biogas plants. There’s a science involved in getting brass from muck and for those in the industry this bioenergy brochure we designed with assistance from our marketing colleagues at Glohouse goes some way to explaining the best way of succeeding. Including in depth biological analysis, useful supplements and targetted support, the brochure uses a clean fresh style to illustrate the best way of getting your biogas plant to be fully operational and profitable. Along with the brochure, we’ve put together a handful of one page pdf case studies that give user experience of the FM BioEnergy methodology. We also designed a user friendly healthy digester scorecard poster, intended to be used in conjunction with laboratory reports to cross reference any action needed to keep the digester running well.

Project Brief

FM BioEnergy

Brochure design, Insert designs, Poster Design