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Mobile Accessories Company Branding

Project Description

Accessorias aim to be a key player in the burgeoning market that is mobile phone accessories and add ons such as screen guards, covers and chargers. We developed a strong brand that used a graphic letter ‘a’ similar to those pointy marker things you see on online maps. Originally we had a + symbol inside the graphic which was meant to suggest an add-on but the client preferred a round globe stylistically and hey, who are we to argue – the customer is king in our eyes. The choice of vibrant orange and cyan used on the brand stands out equally on a white background and black, as some of the products will be repackaged from suppliers so it was important that the brand worked well over a range of media and backdrops. We will be particularly interested in the range of screen guards on offer from the company as we are beginning to get a bit fed up of paying £40 everytime the screen cracks and leaves our phone inoperable – although really, is it so very difficult for phone manufacturers to make phones that don’t shatter when they’re left in your pocket? Maybe a phone without a great big plate of glass on the front like what we used to have might be a good idea? Let us know your thoughts on a stamped, self addressed envelope at the usual address…

Project Brief


Brand identity