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New Website!

Lunatrix website

So here it is! It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally moved with the times and got round to updating the website to be fully responsive so that all you hip kids wandering round staring at your smart phones can enjoy our website as well. Three cheers for modern technology. To be fair, after a daunting few weeks trying to get to grips with WordPress rather than using Dreamweaver to build a website, we have to say we’re pretty much converted and have been getting stuck into what WordPress has to offer. Hopefully our good friends at Google will go gentle with us and pop us back at the top of the search engines where we once happily sat. We’ve still got quite a lot of stuff to add to the portfolio section (the last major update we did with the website was back in 2008 so we’ve got a good 7 or so years worth of content to upload – joy), so keep on coming back and seeing whats new. We’d be interested in hearing if anyone has any issues or thoughts on the new look – send things through to the usual address and don’t forget to include a stamped addressed envelope if you want your letters returned…

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