Publitek – B2B Marketing Communications

Publitek are a global B2B technical marketing and PR company, working with over 100 high profile clients including ARM, Bosch, Sony, Toshiba and Vodafone to name just a few. Over the last few years, since we’ve been providing marketing design assistance, we’ve seen the company expand rapidly, increasing the workforce, client base and global reach with their intended aim of becoming the go to marketing company for any aspiring deep technology brand.

For us, it’s an exciting time to be involved with Publitek, as behind the scenes we get to produce graphic work on behalf of global tech brands for future technologies including AI, communications, electronics, security and big data and the challenges involved in creating bespoke graphic illustrations and concepts of emerging technologies that may not actually exist… yet. Over the years we’ve helped out on a range of design projects including the Publitek Company Brochure design (first button below), various white papers and reports including Social Media Success (second button), Newsroom Best Practice (third button), Semiconductor Media Coverage (fourth button) and step-by-step content marketing guides (fifth button). We’ve also been asked to assist with company re-branding, countless infographics explaining complex technical processes and more commonly recreating technical diagrams and charts to help illustrate PR articles and blog posts. Whatever the request, we strive to put together innovative design solutions that clearly demonstrate the technologies involved and with technology not looking to slow down any time soon, we hope to be kept busy for many years to come…